Domain Appraisal

Before buying or selling a domain name, you need to know one thing: how much is the domain name worth? But assessing your domain’s value is no simple task.

Why Polyrizon is the Best Domain Appraisal Service

We absolutely believe that there is a buyer for almost every domain name—and when we locate that ideal buyer, they attach unique value to that domain. It’s not something a computer can spit out for you with a simple algorithm: the buying and selling process is a skill set that comes with time and experience.

There is no random, “gut-based” version of reality here at Media Options. We let facts and statistics drive our analysis, and we are relentless as we unearth all of the details that we can to help the valuation.

The Polyrizon Domain Appraisal Process

At Polyrizon, we do not provide an automated appraisal or use a domain appraisal tool. Free valuator tools like Estibot, Sedo, Domainindex, or GoDaddy can miss important factors that cause a skewed valuation.

As we work to facilitate domain sales, rather than relying on a domain valuation tool, we appraise each site by hand under the eye of an expert—in most cases our CEO.

There are more than 20 metrics that go into every single domain appraisal we do. When appraising your domain, we consult niche experts in order to provide you the most accurate appraisal of domain name value possible. At the end of the process you will be provided with a PDF certificate of appraisal. Most appraisals will be completed and sent to you by email within 3 business days (often less).

Some of the factors that go into determining the value of a domain name include:

Discover Your Domain’s Value

If you have a premium domain name and want to determine the domain’s worth, Polyrizon can help you price this valuable online real estate. Looking for a valuation of your entire portfolio? We can help with that, too.

We know how to accurately appraise some of the most valuable domain names. We charge $250.00 for a professional and documented domain name appraisal including the key metrics used to establish the real value of your domain name.

A discount may be available for bulk or multiple appraisals of your own domains or new domains. In many cases, we may provide a free domain appraisal to clients who utilize our premium domain broker service.

CONTACT US for more information about our domain appraisal service.