Board of Directors

  • Dr. Muriel Zohar

    Dr. Muriel Zohar

    Active Chairwoman of the Board

    Dr. Zohar has a multifaceted background in therapeutic drug development and private equity. Currently she is VP Business Development at Coronis Partners Ltd., previously, she served as vice president at Ofer Hi Tech, a prominent venture fund, where she led their healthcare investments. Prior to her leadership in venture capital, she gained extensive operational and global business development experience as Director of global research alliances at Bio-Technology General (BTG), a multi-national biotechnology company, where she led the strategic business planning. Her scientific experience includes an accomplished career as a scientist in both basic and translational research. She holds a doctoral degree in biology from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel and has completed postdoctoral training in molecular oncology at the National Institutes of Health as a distinguished IRTA fellow. In addition, she completed an MBA degree from Bar Ilan University, Israel.

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  • Mr. Raul Srugo

    Mr. Raul Srugo

    Mr. Srugo is an experience business man with over 20 years in managing positions. Mr. Srugo backed Polyrizon for several years as an Angel investor. Mr. Srugo gained his MBA degree with excellence at the Leon Racanati Graduate School of business administrating. Mr. Srugo is Vice President of the Association of Contractors & Builders in Israel and Chairman of The Builders Division

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  • Tomer Izraeli

    Tomer Izraeli

    CEO and Co-Founder, B.Sc. MBA.

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