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Polyrizon Ltd. is a Health Care seed-stage Company that develops novel biological-gels based on its novel C&C (capture and contain) platform technology. The C&C technology, with its unique specificity capabilities, can be readily adapted for a wide range of applications to protect human body from pathogens such as pollen, viruses, bacterium and more.

The C&C Technology

Polyrizon has developed a core platform technology to produce protective biological-gels that act as a physical/chemical barrier to pathogens such as allergens, viruses, bacterium, fungi and more. With Polyrizon’s technology, chemically-modified ligands are used to attract specific...

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Product Development

Polyrizon’s versatile platform technology has the potential to be applied for protection against a variety of allergens, toxins, and other harmful substances. The Company’s initial targets are the enormous allergy market, where there is a clear need and growing awareness of...

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Polyrizon's C&C Technology

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